Outdoor Solar Power Supply System

Product Features:

Item No.: APB-T90

● Portable solar charger to supply power for electronic products.
● Solar power supply for mobile phones, laptop computer, digital devices, camera, lamp, and pump.
● No pollution, energy saving, environmental-friendly.                                                                               solar mobile power station
● Easy installation, safe operation, convenient transportation.
● Solar-powered by 30W monocrystalline solar panel, foldable.
● Work continuously when the unit is charging under the sun.
● Provide permanent magnet generator with advanced technology, exquisite workmanship, top design.
● Provide strict quality check for each part, each process before export.
● Provide complete post-sale service, including installation, technical guide and training.
● Long service life, long guarantee time.
Products Specifications:

Solar Panel Capacity: 30W (15W * 2)
Built-In Battery: Li- Battery 3.7V/10Ah* 9units
Charging time: Sunshine 12 hours
AC220V 50/60 Hz 6 hours
Size: 442*125*336 mm(L*W*H)
Net Weight: 9.5kg
Material for Body: Plywood and synthetic leather
Solar Panel Material: Polysilicon
Accessory: AC wire with plug
Instruction Manual

This is a Solar Panel Power Supply System which is built in large capacity Li-battery.
It provide power to external equipments :

LED lamp(Charging products)— 10W(Power Consumption)—24 hours(May use of Time)
Small Portable Machine————15W—————————16 hours
Notebook—————————–40W—————————6 hours
DVD———————————–50W—————————5 hours
LED TV——————————-100W————————-2.5 hours


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