Solar Panel

Electric Fence Solar Panel

One of the problems with electric fencing is that it is often used far from a mains power source or in a remote area. Therefore relies on heavy 12V batteries. A typical electric fence battery will last 2-6 weeks. When the battery is discharged or used up, it needs to be carried to a mains power supply to be recharged or be replaced, which is not only inconvenient but leaves the fence inoperative. 

To overcome this, many people are now choosing to use a solar panel to ‘trickle charge’ the electric fence battery, so that it never (or rarely) needs to be charged using a mains charger or place new batteries. Essentially, solar panels can be used to power any size of fence energizer. To use a solar energizer, you can also place a rechargeable battery inside, the solar panel will priory supply power for the fence system, and also will charge the battery to support the electric fence when there is no sunshine.

solar panel


Recommended battery ·Storage battery:valve regulated lead-acid battery, Nominal voltage:12V, Nominal capacity:7.2A


solar panel


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