Power Bank Charger

Item No.: APB0046

Output parameter:
1.DC output: 16V/19V 3.42A
2.USB output: 5V/500mA-2A
3.capacity: 30000mA/30A
Laptop running time:about 6-8 h(the actual running time may have a bit differences according to the laptops’ moder and the power sources’ setting)
Recharger’s parameter:
1.recharger’s input: AC 100-240V,50/60HZ
2.recharging current(cc): 3A
3.recharging voltage(cv):19v
4.recharging time:about 1 hour
5:recharging indication:(during the recharging:red light;recharge over:green light)
Physical parameter:
1.product size: 195×122×15mm
2.product net weight: about 680g
Products’ characteristic
1. dexterous and portable structure can minus the laptop’s Size and weight
2. multiple output voltage can be chosen to supply most of laptops and 3c products with power cources.
3. advanced MCU power management,with indicating light,convenient to inspect the battery’s and state,and decrease the battery’s to the least.


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