Power Bank 6000

Item No.: APB-0043

1. Dual-charging ports
2. 2.1 amp charging output
3. Built-in short circuit,overcharge protection
4. 6000mAh battery
5. Black soft-touch finish exterior
6. Outer metal band
7. Six-light “invisible” LED indicator
8. Super high-current charging
Product Dimensions:2.28 in x 4.30 in x 0.78 in
Battery Capacity:6000 mAh
Estimated Shipping Weight:1 lbs
Product Category:USB Battery Charger
Product Compatibility:Smart phones,tablets&gaming devices
Package Content Included:juice pack™ powerstation mini,USB charging cable,User Manual
Patent Pending:iPhone,iPad,iPod not included


* Extremely beautiful,Elegant Design, it’s beautiful and fashion

* Quickly and easily charge devices on the go

* Particularly for outdoor activity.

* High power transition rate, energy saving and charge more devices

* It is very easy to recharge, only to connect it to any USB port

* The Power Bank’s small thin design makes it convenient while traveling,hiking or simply going about your day 

– anytime you need that extra battery boost.

* Charge two devices at a time


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