Charger on the way

Item No.: APB-0048


1.Beautifully designed.simple and easy appearance.
2.Exellent workmanship.
3.Four LED lamps display the left power.
4.Brand quality.
5.A quality core. Capacity is not virtual marked. Environmental safety.
6.Intelligent detection. Intelligent charging protection. Overload protection.
7.Temperature control protection. Battery purling protection.
8.The professional leading design, conversion efficiency is more than 90%.


1.Input:DC 5V 1A(MAX)
2.Output:double USB DC 5V 0.5A/1A(MAX)
3.Battery:18650 Lithium battery
4.Battery Capacity:6600mAh
5.Material:aluminium alloy+Nano lens+ABS
6.Packing:gift box+blister packing


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