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Types of Electric Fence Energizer

Electric fence is a psychological barrier to maintain livestock in and pest out. 

When the animals touch the fence, it will give him a short sharp and safe electric shock, 

and will let them remember the shock. An energizer is the mainframe for the 

whole electric fence and generate the electrical pulses. Now, there are three kinds

 of energizers based on their power source: AC Powered Energizer, Battery Powered Energizer, 

and Solar Powered Energizer. Accordingly, AC Powered electric fence energizer is powered 

by ac power, you need to plug its terminals to a AC outlet; 

Battery Energizers, often there are places inside the energizers for the batteries. 

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What do we think?

We at Aria strive to research and development energy saving and environmental green products. Aria always try to deliver products and service that can most satisfy our customers.

The “Customer First” Principle is our top priority. To satisfying customers requires that we have strong capabilities and we are managing to get there. Aria accumulates adv-icing and superb technologies, and always pursue more technology that can make our life better. Aria also ...

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