Advertising Solar Display Stand

Model No.: ASS-03 


*Advertising solar display stand. 
*Perfect to show small gadgets (such as jewelry, watch, mp3, mobile phone, etc.). 
*4 solar panels (Amorphous Silicone). 
*With battery holes, can also be powered by battery. 
*Rotating in 360 degree, both clockwise and anticlockwise. 
*Available in different models (white/black/gold/silver or customized). 
*Can work under weak sunshine and indoor conditions. 
*Good loaded weight can bear stuff more than 300g when in 500Lux condition or above. 
*Can add your own company logo. 
*OEM service is offered. 


Material: ABS 
Color:  silver/white/black/gold 
Size:   100*100*52mm 
Net Weight: 122g 
Tray Diam:   90mm 
Rotating Speed:  4.5 circles/min 
Standard Packing:  100pcs/carton 
Carton Size:  590*330*470mm 
Gross Weight:  16kg/carton


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